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Ushering In A New Year

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Wrap Up BBQ 2018 at Don Daggett's House!

The Daggett estate is a beautiful setting for a Bar-B-Q!  Fine weather, great food and cheerful people combined to make for a memorable evening.

Forty attended.  Contributions of appetisers, salads and desserts flowed-in. Lindsay Mitten and Mike Jennings cooked steak and chicken.  Don Daggett baked potatoes.  Larry Olney provided our social lubricant.  Kelly Thomas created a Paul Harris slide show, which Dave Mitten narrated.

President Mike spoke and recognized:

  • Laureen Van Groningen was chosen Rotarian of the Year.
  • Dave Thomas received a Paul Harris Fellow.
  • Outgoing board members Al Fox, Paul Witmer and Stan Jones received thank you gifts from President Mike
  • Kathi Dick received a plaque in recognition of her almost completed year as 7080 District Governor. Kathi is the first Cambridge North Rotarian to serve as District Governor and a fine job she did (with a little help from Timothy).

Fortunately, we are in for another year of excellent leadership from Mike Jennings, who has done and will continue to do I’m sure, a first-class job as President.  Laureen Van Groningen follows Mike as President beginning July 2019.

Kathi Dick was recognized for her year as District 7080 Governor.

Laureen Van Groningen is presented with the Rotarian of the Year Award by President Mike

Club treasurer Dave Thomas is honoured with his first Paul Harris Fellowship!

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